Monday June 18, 2018

I hope everyone likes the new re-design of the site.  There are still a couple of pages that need to be done and I have been slowly adding the finishing touches as time permits.  If you have any comments, drop by the contact us page and let me know.

If you are a Mausling and would like to have as your email address, send an email to the webmaster  for more information.

See my trip to Filoli Gardens
On a recommendation from a co-worker, I decided to go check out the gardens.  It's worth the trip if you have never been there and have nothing better to do.

Come see our Trip to the SF ZOO
We enjoyed seeing the newly updated SF ZOO.  Please take a look at the photo gallery.

City of Cupertino 4th of July Celebration 2004
See the fireworks over Cupertino High School from this year.


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